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Dungeon Layout


Dungeon Traps

Transporter traps: Big red glowing buttons. Some will transport them to the next floor, others will transport them outside the instance. There is no telling them apart save trial, error, and memory. HOWEVER, entering the Temple once again will transport Heroes to the last safe room they entered.
Block puzzles: Push a block the wrong way, and Calamity Monsters will spawn.
Parkour puzzles: Well, he certainly hopes there isn't anyone in a wheelchair.......
Restrooms: There is a restroom on almost every floor. One however acts as a transporter. If they sit down on the toilet they end up outside of the instance and in an abandoned home somewhere in Mysidia. Good luck~ (He totally didn't use this to troll Deadpool during visits, what are you talking about?)

Dungeon Bestiary


Boss: Archfiend of Fire

Ardyn Lucis Caelum
Formerly known as the Fallen King of Light and much more recently the Imperial Chancellor of Niflheim, the Archfiend of Fire has spent much of the past five years delving into the mysteries of the Crystals and the Calamity. While much of his time was spent with research, his command over his corresponding element and illusions are not to be underestimated.

Strengths: While the weakest of the Four, his spellcraft is unparalleled. He can attack at both up close and from a distance with his Armiger Limit Break, and with a plethora of weapons besides. At the very least, that may be how it seems.

Weaknesses:While his magic and health is through the metaphorical roof due to his ties to two separate calamitous entities, his physical defense is appalling. His lair is also deep underground and devoid of any source of water...

Upon the defeat of his human form, the entire battlefield will dissolve into darkness - depositing the Heroes onto a stone platform completely surrounded by magma, and revealing just why they had to traverse so far beneath the surface to confront Ardyn and why the throne chamber is so massive... as his appearance transfigures into that of the fallen angel of legend.

Strengths: He also gains an immunity to Light spells, and water spells only seem to be half as effective in the magma chamber. If the Heroes hadn't located the ??? before, they are in for a Bad Time.

Weaknesses: Much like Chaos, he too fears Eidolons. If only there was a way to find him a chill pill or two... Hopefully the Heroes learn of a way to circumvent his Magic Seal before this form is used.


If you really want to.


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